Thesis-Interactive Design

I paired with my good friend April Vogt to create an app to coincide with her device to help advance the science of meteorology and to educate the general public.

The Lolo project is designed and patented by April Vogt. A small device that will help states that are under the threat of severe storms and tornadoes. reducing the warning time from 13 minutes to 120 minutes and increasing the known tornado strike location from 30% to 80%. While this device is still in its early stages it shows very good potential in the real world. 

The app would help send data to her servers and also double as a resource for the public.

April and her chip T.W.E.E.T 

University of Hawaii

Early use of sketches and concepts. 

The type for the app need to be easy to read and understand. I went with Anivers and Domus Titling for their soft edges and simplistic form. 

Vector logos and icons

Final logo design and icons 



Family Members/check-ins




Home screen warnings/alerts

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