Athletic and Outdoor Connect is a group established at Portland State University to give students a resource of connections to industry leaders. A&O hosts workshops for resumes and self development, student socials, and field trips to local businesses. A&O hope to attract students from a variety of majors. 

The only think A&O Connect was missing is a solid brand to market. A&O is known for having members who are driven, eager, and forward thinking. No other group on campus gives students the same unique experiences as a group and as individual members. 

Early sketches and ideas.

In my early sketches I wanted to emphasize on a design that was centered around connection. I also looked into sport/outdoor brands to get a few ideas and because Portland is known as the "City of Bridges", among many other names, the correlation with connecting a bridges is strong. 

Evaluation of the logo

This logo was chosen by me and my peers. Some early changes had to do with having consistent line weight and color. I played on the idea that the logo looked like a outdoors badge of sorts and could be used in a similar way.

The Great Pacific Northwest colors

The Northwest has a wide array of beautiful colors. I chose blue to correlate with the ocean and rivers, green because the northwest has a lot of it, and a burnt-like-orange soil that is unique in North America. Orange like soil is also found in rain forest like environments.

Business cards

Branding on Social Media

Outdoor signage


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